Combining simplicity of raw Sicilian ingredients with elegance of a luxury external packaging

Behind Di Blasi Cosmetics is its founder, Tatiana Puglisi. She unwittingly laid the foundations of the brand in 2009, while her mother was undergoing treatment for cancer which thankfully was effective. Di Blasi is in fact the mother's maiden name.

This traumatic event, which left its mark on her while she was studying at university, revolutionized her relationship first to food and then to cosmetics. As she wanted to understand what caused such diseases and the possibility of preventing them, she began an in-depth study into problems connected with diet and cosmetics ingredients. The next step was to begin using mainly organic food and natural cosmetics. Over the years cosmetics became her main interest and she began studying how to formulate appropriate products to resolve her problems with sensitive skin. After many years and after graduating, she gained enough experience and knowledge, and she decided not to continue studies in Art History but to begin working on Di Blasi Cosmetics. She developed, tested and refined the formulas for her first line many times together with a young team of cosmetic laboratory artisans, in order to satisfy her high expectations. To achieve this aim, high-quality, raw Sicilian ingredients have been used, such as Etna Prickly Pear, Manna and Etna Lava Stone. They are worked manually in the laboratory to prevent any changes to their characteristics. The result is a natural product, which contains no harmful ingredients and is pleasantly scented with hypoallergenic fragrances.