Development of a new concept for external packaging

A new vision of external packaging was born together with the cosmetics. The idea was to find a middle ground between ordinary boxes or no packaging and led to the creation of an artistic, stylish, long-lasting external packaging.
Everything from the formula to the external packaging is produced in Sicily, which allows the founder to follow every phase of the production very carefully. In this way she can satisfy even the most demanding customers who are looking for style combined with safe and effective beauty products. In fact, Tatiana desired to create a product that offered consumers more than the usual throwaway packaging and which had an overall value, with sustainable packaging. The result is cosmetic with exceptional, long-lasting intrinsic quality that is also delightful to look at. After months of evaluating different materials to find the most appropriate with which to create an elegant, light, useful object, the choice fell on white terracotta. More refined than classic terracotta, it is hand moulded molded by skilled artisans and then given the finishing touch of a transparent, shiny, protective coating.