Made in Italy is a synonym of quality and care for details worldwide. People who love Made in Italy love the added value that Made in Italy products can offer.

Product quality, attention to how products should look and natural ingredients are the features that make Di Blasi Cosmetics’ products one of a kind and a valid representative of the Made in Italy values.

Our vision is to valorize Italian raw materials, particularly those from near Mount Etna, using them to create natural, hand-made skin care products with all the qualities that a customer can expect from a Made in Italy product.

The main ingredients of our cosmetics come from Sicily that is a land rich in traditions, flavors and scents.

Our products represent the traditions of this area and certain raw materials that are not found anywhere else.

Ingredients such as Etna Lava Stone are found only in this region and they are a symbol of Sicily. Their use in our formulations give them an added value. 

Our care for style and beauty lies in the creation of packaging that enhances our products.

Our packaging concept is characterized by white Terracotta holders hand molded by skilled artisans.

Our natural cosmetics are produced with unique ingredients, such as the Etna Prickly Pear and Manna. Thanks to these ingredients, our natural skin care products have great moisturizing, exfoliating and soothing qualities. In addition to this, our cosmetics leave a subtle fragrance on the skin. 

Our natural skin care products have all the characteristics of a Made in Italy product, from the quality of the ingredients to attention to the beauty of the product itself.

For further information on our products, their natural ingredients and their properties, you can visit our Products page.